From this section, you can download the various forms you may need to do business with the City Council. Some forms have closing dates - we bear no responsibility for late forms.

Planning Forms
Application form for Planning Permission  |  Site Notice  |  Section 254 Licence Application  |  Commencement Notice
Schedule of Fees  |  Guidance Notes  |  Section 96 Exemption Certificate  |  Disability Access Certificate Application  
Application form for a Revised Disability Access Certificate  | Significant Further Information Site Notice  |  Validation Checklist

Application Form for Structures at Risk  | Application for Extension of Duration of Planning Permission  | Sample Newspaper Notice

Housing Forms
Application for Housing Accommodation  |  Application for Succession to Tenancy
Housing Loan application form  |  Allocation Scheme  |  Housing Application Checklist  |  Application for Change of Circumstances 
Housing Adaptation Grant Application Form  |  Housing Aid for Older People Application Form  |  Mobility Aids Grant Application Form
Traveller Accomodation Programme

Roads & Parking Permits
Application form for Temporary Road Closure  |  Application form for Road Opening Licence  |  Form for Abnormal Load Permit  |  Application form for Scaffolding - Hoarding  |  Traffic Fine Appeal form  |   Carer's Parking Permit application form   |  Resident's Parking Permit application form  |  Visitor's Parking Permit application form

Water Services Forms
Sewer / Drain connection application  |  Water Supply application  |  Water Charges Standing Order form  |  Water Charges Direct Debit FormWell Grant Application Pack

Register of Electors Forms etc
May be found here..


Motor Tax Forms
Please note that some forms for Driving Licences and Motor Taxation cannot be downloaded as they contain a sticky label. All forms relating to Motor Tax and Driving Licences are available from your local Motor Tax office.


RF100A : Renewal of Motor Tax  |  RF111 : Change of Particulars  |  RF200 : Transfer of Vehicle OwnershipRF134 : Application for Replacement Documents  |  Application for a Driving Test  |  D502 : Eyesight Report form  |  D501 : Medical Report form  |  RF120 : Refund of Motor Tax 

Other Forms

Application for Community & Recreation Grants 2014  |  Application for Water Safety Grant 2011  | Household Waste Charge Waiver

  |  Marina Licence Application Form  |  Local Agenda 21 - Environmental Partnership Fund form

Contact Information
Queries re: documentation or press, please contact