Applying for Planning Permission

Please read our leaflet "Guide to Making a Planning Application" before applying for Planning Permission. Your application should be made in accordance with its guidelines. Our Planning Department will advise you about your application and tell you how to apply.

All our Planning Forms etc. are available via this link.


What type of permission do you need ?


There are three types of planning permission :

  • Full Permission
  • Outline Permission
  • Permission consequent on Outline Permission

  • If you are building a house in Ireland, you will need planning permission.
  • An extension or making changes to your existing house, may require permission.

  • The most common type is Full Permission.

    However, if you want to see whether the planning authority agrees in principle to building a house on a particular site or building an extension, you might apply for outline permission. This requires you to produce only the plans and particulars that are necessary to enable the authority to make a decision in relation to the siting, layout or other proposals. If outline permission is obtained, you will then have to submit detailed drawings and receive consequent permission before you start building.

    It is an offence to carry out any work that requires planning permission, without planning permission and the offence can carry very heavy fines and imprisonment. However, if a genuine mistake has been made, it is possible to apply for planning permission to retain an unauthorised development. This permission may be refused, in which case, the unauthorised development will have to be demolished.

    Generally, the local planning authority will make a decision on a planning application within 8 weeks of receiving the application but if the local authority needs more information, or the decision is appealed, it may take much longer. Anyone can see a copy of your application and on payment of €20, can make a written submission/observation on it.


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