Waterford Dog Shelter


Waterford Dog Shelter is situated at Bilberry. It is operated by Waterford City Council on behalf of Waterford county and city. The shelter is operated by Poundkeeper, Ms. Kate Wall, under the supervision of the City Council’s Environmental Services office.


It is the policy of Waterford City Council to ensure that all dogs entering the shelter are treated humanely, and we make every effort to find suitable homes for dogs.

Many unwanted puppies end up as stray dogs. We encourage responsible pet ownership and support the ISPCA campaign for spaying and neutering of pets.

Full details of both the Control of Dogs Act, 1986 and the amended legislation with regard to restricted breeds can be found at the following links:



The Waterford City & County Dog Shelter is also on Facebook - from here you can see the animals in need of rehoming.



Location Details

Waterford Dog Shelter,




Contact : Kate Wall

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Opening Hours

11-1, 2-4pm, Monday to Friday
11-1 pm, Saturday
Closed on Sundays & Holidays

Useful Information
  • Responsibilities of Dog Owners
  • Dog Identification
  • Control of certain breeds